Working from home - not such a new challenge!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Whilst some people have been forced into working from home, for a lot of us it has become a normal way of life.

People have been working from home for many years - mumpreneurs are definitely included in this!

There are pros and cons in any working environment, including working in an office, a shop, on a cruise ship or from home.

For me, I absolutely love working from home: if I want to start work in my PJs, then that's OK. It means I can be in the office early in the morning, get my work done and be finished by a reasonable time. Gone are the days of me getting on a bus or sitting in traffic going backwards and forwards to an office.

Some of the things I love are the flexibility of hours, the ability to work as and when I choose, taking long lunches should I have a lunch date, or working with many diverse and amazing clients.

On the flipside, I can get easily distracted - especially by Canva! It pulls me in but I love working on it so much! If you are a client that needs creative work, let me know!!

I do miss the company of others but I can meet my friends via Zoom or catch up for lunch to combat this.

If you work from home, let me know what you love or don't love.

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