Using Canva in your business

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Canva as a platform is designed in such a way that even if you have zero graphic design skills

and zero creativity, there's no reason why you can't use it.

There are so many templates in Canva for social media, email headers, videos, for ebooks, workbooks, checklists, planners, infographics, t shirts, flyers,

I design email signatures in Canva, fully branded to my clients’ style guides.

Even if you used exactly the same design, and a lot of email signatures tend to have the same design, it will be a photograph on the left-hand side, perhaps in a circle or a square. There might be a colour behind it. The person's name in a script font, or if they don't use a script font, it would be one of their brand fonts. Underneath would be their job title, for example. You could have their phone number, their email address, their website and then their socials.

Some people have a link to their lead magnet or a disclaimer. For legal firms or anything like that, they would have a legal disclaimer underneath.

You can add in links via a Google Doc. If you just want the clickable links and they only work on your laptop signature. You can create them here in a Google Doc.

If you want the full HTML version, then you need to get somebody who knows how to code.

What else can I use Canva for, Jo?

Some of the other things that you could use it for is your social media graphics - your squares, which will work for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You can do a YouTube banner and YouTube thumbnails. I've done a YouTube intro for mine as well, which is extremely basic but I’ve added music and animation.

I've picked up things over time, but also know the benefits of using amazing templates in my business. I invested in a couple of memberships, where I get templates, either monthly or quarterly or they're just all sitting there and I use those a lot. I also invested in memberships for a stock photography.

There's no reason why you can't design whatever you need in Canva.

You can definitely use the free version.

However, I highly, highly recommend that you think about upgrading to Canva Pro.

The main reason for me is the brand kit. Putting your brand kit in Canva makes life so much easier. Because you've got all your fonts in one place, or your logos or your watermarks, or your colors, and any elements or images they use on a regular basis. Then, when you open a design your colors and the first ones that pop up.

I work with a lot of different clients, so I can have a brand kit of colours for each person.

What I do is I create a new brand kit, and call that we'll say we'll call it my company, we'll call it Live Virtually. I will add in the colours using HEX codes and I will add in details of the client but add their fonts at the end.

Live Virtually – Jacline & Montserrat

I know when I'm working with that client, these are the brand fonts that I use.

That is a little hack that I've thought of.

Rather than going into their folder and finding something that I've created for them,