Hi, I'm Jo, the Base Chakra for your Biz.


If you're looking for business support or mentorship to guide you through the ebbs and flows of business, then you're in the right place.




What appeals to me about intuitive, creative and spiritual women?


As an intuitive and spiritual woman myself, with life and business experience, I understand you. I totally get that you won't always know how to do something in your business or even what you need to do next.

I understand that you may be unsure of your pricing and that you then tend to undercharge yourself. You may have no systems or workflows (or that many that you're overwhelmed) and may not even know what systems or workflows even mean.


Come with me, take my hand and let me guide you through to allow you to be fully awakened to the business possibilities.


Live the life you should be living.

Jo Draper | Live Virtually | Online Business Manager